Disgraced former NYPD Homicide Detective Connor Wolf now a paramilitary field agent for a government contractor, returns home after a devastating tour in Iraq. Posing as curator of a historic cemetery, his covert mission is to observe and report on a suspected terrorist training camp in northern Maine. Wolf’s keen skills at crime solving are soon enlisted to track down the murderer of Judge Grant Falwinnow. Not all of Wolf’s allies are who the claim to be. The investigation gets complicated when the killing of the judge may be linked to a serial murderer. The killer is still on the prowl with Connor in his sights. Wolf, the hunter is now the prey.


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Adam Arnett, former Air Force jet-jockey, is a successful business executive, technological pioneer and community leader willing to forfeit prestige, money and power to escape the urban rat race and pursue his dream of the simple life. Ultimately the price is substantially more. A tour of northwestern Maine seems to be the answer, but nearly costs him his life. Betrayals and personal agendas stalk his quest. A gruesome discovery in the backwoods of Maine and a prophetic message from the dead change his course. A bizarre request from a dying judge offers Arnett the golden key to his future. Is Paula, the judge’s niece, an erotic artist whose sexuality could be her undoing, be trusted? Could Jessica, the waitress from the nowhere café, who still bares scars of childhood abuse, be a part of Adams future? People in high places bend the rules, but not always for Adam’s benefit. There is no question that Arnett fired the gun that killed, making it no simple task for attorney Sampson ‘Curly’ Wade to convince a jury that circumstance, not his client, is guilty of the crime for which Adam is charged. Fate renders the final verdict.



Marcus d’Chante spent sixteen years in prison for killing millionaire industrialist Marshall DeWitt. A murder he did not commit. Now a free man, the noted jailhouse novelist is challenged to prove the innocence he has always maintained. If the killer is to be found he must return to the coastal plain of Maryland and his boyhood home on the Hood River even at the risk of exposing his own dark past. Three people disappeared on the night of the murder—one holds the key to the truth. Tempers flare as his hunt for the guilty party digs up forbidden secrets of the past. The truth is buried deep in the heart of the Blackwater Swamp, but finding it might cost him his life. Clue upon clue spins a tangled web of suspicion and contradiction; a family member commits suicide and when the lawyer who betrayed him turns up floating in the river the eyes of the law focus on him. His quest is stymied when d’Chante realizes he has fallen in love with the killer.